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Air Purifying Services

With Americans spending the majority of their time indoors, the quality of indoor air has become a major concern. In fact, studies show that indoor air is often much more polluted than the air outdoors, leaving us so much more at risk of health issues! Think in terms of indoor pollutants like dust mites that can trigger allergy and asthma attacks, and mold, which is typically found in damp indoor spots like our bathrooms and air conditioning ducts. Mold can cause allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory problems. There’s pet dander and hair, which cause algae growth or bad odors. The odors themselves can be generated from dirty filters and ducts, and can be exacerbated by poor ventilation. Ask us, and we’ll recommend the best sort of air filters to help protect you and your loved ones from indoor air pollutants.

Duct Cleaning

We clean your ducts for you! Your allergies may be getting worse because your ducts are dirty and are causing your health issues. Using a high-powered HEPA vacuum, we remove and trap dust and dirt particles at 99.7% efficiency–that means we remove particles as small as 0.3 microns or the size of cigarette smoke! We wash and clean your vents, evaporator coils and air handlers–all of which work together in the system–to remove mold and mildew buildup. We finish by applying an organic non-toxic sanitizer on the system.


Proper ventilation helps maintain proper humidity levels and helps get rid of unwanted odors and pollutants in the home. Let’s inspect your home and provide appropriate ventilation solutions to improve air quality today.

Energy Saving Solutions

Your overall cooling and heating system involves so much more than just your air-conditioning. Equally important are the ducts, vents, filters and multitude of other accessories, such as dehumidifiers and air cleaners, each of which plays an essential part in making your living spaces comfortable and conducive to healthy living. Energy efficiency depends highly on a number of factors that work together to bring you an ideal, intelligently designed living space: one that doesn’t have issues such as air leaks or lack of insulation, or other issues that can boost energy costs. Before you have your HVAC system replaced, have us come in and evaluate your whole-house performance and help you get your issues identified and addressed appropriately to save you money, ensure better energy efficiency, and greater comfort in the home!


Geothermal captures the earth’s energy and uses it to heat or cool your space. With the earth’s temperature remaining at a constant, geothermal is a very efficient way to condition a building; it saves a significant amount of electricity and has twice the life expectancy of an air-cooled system. Other geothermal applications include pool heating and hot water heating. We offer the most reliable and efficient products in the market.


Repairing or replacing your heating system can be stressful. Sometimes it breaks down when you least expect it. We service all makes of Gas-fired and Electric Heaters. All our repairs are covered by a full One-Year warranty. We also offer geothermal heating; simply give us a call for more information.

Pool Heat Pumps

Florida Heat Pumps (FHP), a part of the Bosch Group, manufactures high-quality, energy-efficient water heaters for homes, condominiums, office buildings, hospitals and other facilities. The company, founded in 1970 in Pompano Beach, leads the industry in providing energy-efficient water-heating options. Ask us more!

Solar Energy

Solar-powered air conditioning and water heating is becoming more popular each day as the technology improves. Besides the obvious reasons of efficiency and eco-friendly effects, going solar can be affordable thanks to state and federal tax incentives.

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