Affordable Zoning Fort Lauderdale

Zoning Fort Lauderdale

Do you have room that are too hot or some that are too cold?

A home not zoned will leave someone uncomfortable somewhere in your home. It’s too much to expect one thermostat to provide perfect conditions for every room in your home. What is comfortable for the sleeping area may be uncomfortable for the living area and vice versa. A home not zoned is uncomfortable and costs you more in heating/cooling costs.
Why should you sacrifice comfort, spend more money and waste more energy? You no longer have to! Zoning is your answer.

Zoning System

How does zoning work?

Zoning divides your home into areas with common heating and cooling requirements. Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat, allowing you to be comfortable no matter where you are in your home. Zoning also allows you to leave unoccupied areas without heating or cooling, saving you more money on energy costs. In addition, the zone system can be used with a variety of night setback thermostats. Zone systems can be very reliable and can last for the lifetime of the duct work system.

What are the benefits of zoning?

Total Comfort
The Ultra-Zone system permits personalized comfort of each zone – providing temperature control where you want it… when you want it…

Added Convenience
No more running ‘up’ and ‘down’ stairs to control the temperature. We will provide thermostats in each zone.

Energy Savings
Ultra-Zone systems can reduce energy costs by 25-30% or more. By using setback thermostats, you only pay for the heating and cooling when you want it.

Common Sense
The heating and cooling equipment makes up the largest part of the monthly utility bill. Why not control these items the same way you do with your lighting and plumbing?

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