Affordable Solar Energy Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Why go solar?

Solar Energy Services Fort Lauderdale, FL
-Fact: If solar energy was the primary energy supply for one million homes, enough CO2 would be reduced that it would be equivalent to removing 850,000 cars from the roads. Solar-powered air conditioning and water heating is becoming more popular each day as the technology improves. Besides the obvious reasons of efficiency and eco-friendly effects, going solar can be affordable thanks to state and federal tax incentives.

What’s new in Solar HVAC?

Solar central air conditioning. Made by Lennox it is the newest innovation in air solar air conditioning. The system is powered by a solar panel and has the ability to power other electric components of the home when the A/C system is off. In Florida, air conditioning usage amounts for up to 60% of total energy used in a home. The SunSource can help lower those high summer electric bills and help make your home truly green.

Mini Split solar air conditioning. This system although small can be used to cool an addition or an individual room. 2 units can be combined to cool bigger spaces. Since the unit uses only solar energy to operate, it has a fast investment payback.
Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water
Solar hot water. We all know you put something out in the sun, it will get hot. Well that’s exactly what solar water systems achieve. In fact, solar water heating has been around for centuries. Modern solar hot water systems, of course, are more sophisticated in their operation. In Florida they can reliably supply your home with hot water all year round.

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