Energy-Saving Solutions

Save Energy Cost
Our mission as a responsible Florida Green Contractor is to offer our customers options and solutions in order to reduce their energy use and increase efficiency. We partner with FPL and offer our customers various rebates to make their systems more energy-efficient.
-If you experience high energy costs in your building, or your house, we can evaluate and identify wasteful areas and give you options on how to fix them. Our evaluation focuses mainly on six aspects:

  • Existing HVAC system
  • Air leakage and sealing opportunities
  • Comfort, safety and code requirements
  • Building layout/shell basics
  • Existing insulation
  • Hot water system and appliance efficiency

Cooling And Heating System

Do you have a lot of units and do not know which unit services what area?

-Maybe you moved into a building or home that has a lot of systems and no layout or plan is available. You may not be sure witch thermostat controls witch area and witch unit works or witch doesn’t. That can result in areas that are colder or warmer and a few unsatisfied occupants.

Our customized surveys can sort that out. We will give you a detailed layout of the systems, number of vents, air flow delivery, unit per unit condition etc. Measurements are performed using state of the art instruments and visual inspection.

Why is it important to have a comfort system properly designed?

– An air conditioning unit is only a part of the overall cooling and heating system. Other important parts are the ducts, the vents, filters and other accessories that connect to the system such as dehumidifiers, air cleaners etc.

EPA and the Department of Energy recommend that in order for a heating-cooling system to work properly and efficiently the condition of the building needs to be taken in consideration. A building that has air leaks, no insulation, and is not designed energy efficient, will not condition properly and the energy costs will be high. This is why it is so important that before you decide to replace an air conditioning system, a thorough evaluation of the building is performed, especially if you are experiencing high energy costs or discomfort.

Common Air Leaks

When it comes to air conditioning units proper size does matter. An oversized unit will not dehumidify properly, whereas an undersized one will not handle the heat load on the hotter days. Efficiency will also decrease if the system is not properly designed. A 16-SEER system will only deliver 11 SEER or less if connected to leaky ductwork.

-Our comfort specialists can perform a detailed inspection of your building; identify duct leaks, building cracks, lack of insulation, hazardous indoor air quality problems etc. We than can help you design your new system or update the existing one.

If you have more questions and you need to speak to an associate, call us at (954) 761-2600. We will be happy to assist you.

We service all Broward, Miami and Palm Beach counties.

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