3 Possible Reasons Your Energy Bill Is Higher Than Usual

The average homeowner is serious about sticking to a budget for household expenses. Therefore, it’s not unusual to feel concerned or even outraged when your energy bill comes in and is higher than usual. What could be the reason for it?

Here are some of the likely culprits:

  • The Weather – With heating and cooling costs making up about 43% of your energy bill, you can usually blame the weather for any spikes in your electricity use. This is because the hotter or cooler the season is, the more you’ll be using your air conditioner or heater.
  • House Guests – Sometimes, it’s not so much that you need an air conditioner repair have too many people using your cooling system. The more people there are in your home, after all, the higher you can expect energy consumption to be. However, higher bills aren’t just related to higher demand for heating and cooling; more frequent device and appliance use will also contribute to higher energy costs.
  • A Home That’s Not Energy Efficient – If nothing seems out of the ordinary and your monthly energy bills are still on the uptick, you may have your home to blame. When a home isn’t energy efficient, you’re not using energy wisely. You’re likely wasting electricity in certain areas, which is then being reflected on your monthly bills.

What You Can Do

An energy audit is a great way to see which parts of your home are using up more energy than they should. Typically, however, an HVAC system that’s no longer running efficiently and is needlessly guzzling energy to keep your home comfortable is to blame. If your heating and cooling system has seen better days, it might be time to schedule an air conditioner or heat pump repair, or simply get a new one.

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