5 Energy Vampires That Are Increasing Your Utility Bills

In order to help manage your energy expenses, it’s important to be aware of the electronic devices that can cause a hike in your utility bills. While some of these gadgets may be small, they can still end up costing you a lot in the long run.

5 Energy Vampires That Are Increasing Your Utility Bills

In today’s post, your local cooling and heating company, A STAR Air Conditioning and Heating, talks about the energy vampires that affect your home.

Chargers – Are you in the habit of leaving your charger plugged in, even when not charging your phone? Chargers actually still consume small amounts of energy if they’re left plugged in. You can invest in power cords that automatically shut down when the device is fully charged, or better yet, just unplug after every use.

Gaming Consoles – You don’t have to stop playing with your gaming consoles; just remember to turn off and unplug the device after playing. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, an individual could add at least $100 to their energy bills every year by forgetting to shut down consoles.

HVAC Systems – The Appliance Standards Awareness Project says that furnace fans make up around 12 percent of a household’s yearly electricity bill. Investing in an energy-efficient HVAC system with a variable-speed air handler will benefit you in the long run. This device can run at various speeds and uses just the right amount of electricity to power the fan. When it’s time for an air conditioner repair or replacement, A STAR Air Conditioning and Heating has you covered. You can call us any time of day, as we have on-call technicians available who can help you 24/7.

Set-Top Boxes – There are some devices that may appear to be off, but still consume energy. Choose smart devices to manage your energy consumption in standby mode.

Old Appliances – Ancient appliances in your home still use electricity even when they’re not actively being used. For instance, an old microwave that has a digital display may not be used all the time, but it still consumes energy throughout the day.

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