Carrier®: The Invention That Started It All

The invention of the first modern air conditioning system in 1902 spurred an industry that would go on to improve indoor comfort in homes, offices and other facilities on a global basis. The genius behind this revolutionary invention was Willis Haviland Carrier, an engineering graduate of Cornell University.

In this article, top AC repair expert A STAR Air Conditioning and Heating offers a brief history of modern air conditioning and how Carrier® enabled comfort and efficiency all over the world.

Willis Carrier, “The Father of Air Conditioning”

The idea came to Carrier while he was on a foggy Pittsburgh train platform. While observing the mist, he realized that he could dry air by letting it pass through water to create fog. This would make it possible to manufacture air consisting of specific, controlled amounts of moisture, which is at the core of modern air conditioning.

In a span of one year, he was able to complete the design for the world’s first modern air conditioning system. Since then, this invention has helped power economies across the globe.

Providing Comfort Across the World

Carrier’s invention was the catalyst for numerous industries, from manufacturing baked goods to enabling transatlantic flights. The AC company has been instrumental in shaping today’s world and providing us with the comfort and convenience of conditioned air.

In more recent years, Carrier added another layer to this legacy by setting out to ensure energy-efficient products and manufacturing practices. In 1990, the company launched its commitment to the use of sound refrigerants, and today it continues to introduce new innovations built on sustainability and energy efficiency.

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