Common Commercial Refrigeration Challenges

Commercial refrigerators are specially designed for restaurant use. Most have stainless steel exteriors and interiors that can withstand high humidity and acid exposure.

Common Commercial Refrigeration Challenges

Find out some of the common issues encountered in commercial refrigeration from your local AC company, A STAR Air Conditioning and Heating.

Commercial vs Residential

Commercial kitchens tend to be very hot, and in such an environment residential refrigerators usually aren’t able to keep food at a temperature that can prevent bacteria growth. That’s why the refrigeration systems used for food service applications have larger and more efficient cooling systems.

An overworked home refrigerator in a commercial kitchen can cause an insurance claim to be rejected, as most warranties for residential refrigerators don’t cover claims for units used for commercial purposes. When it comes to refrigeration and AC repair, you can count on A STAR Air Conditioning and Heating.

Commercial Refrigeration Challenges

Make sure that the unit you purchase can fit into your entry door. The doorway between the receiving area and the area where the unit will be installed must be measured to make sure that the refrigerator and other delivery materials will fit. The provider should also check to make certain that the outlet can provide sufficient power for the unit.

Use a bubble level to ensure that the unit is on an even surface, then leave the refrigerator unplugged for 24 hours after installation. This allows the refrigerant, motor oil and other fluids inside to settle, as these compounds often move out of place during shipping and installation.

The unit needs to be kept closed, and must not be allowed to become overloaded. Be sure to regularly clean the condenser coils, as blocked coils don’t cool as efficiently. Clogged coils can also cause your unit to become overworked, leading to higher energy bills and even system failure. Clean the coils at least twice a year using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner.

Have a reliable company check your commercial refrigerator if your unit is experiencing problems. At A STAR Air Conditioning and Heating, our professional technicians will identify the issue and provide you with an upfront estimate. We’re well-equipped with all the tools and parts needed to fix most refrigeration problems. Get in touch with our team for queries about refrigeration and AC unit costs. Call us at (954) 212-9816 or fill out our online form to book an appointment.