Consider Ceiling Fans to Cut Down on Your Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning Use and Save Money

Contrary to popular belief, a ceiling fan does not actually cool a room but it does make you feel cooler because of the slight wind chill you feel. That means you can raise the thermostat and feel just as comfortable.

Ceiling fans use not that much more energy than a 100-watt light bulb, and the latest in Energy Star-rated fans use about half that. For every degree you raise the air conditioning thermostat above 78°F, you can save 3% to 8% on your energy bill.

With any ceiling fan, the goal is to move more air with less effort. To help with this effort, go for the biggest fan that will fit the space. But, there are other factors to take into consideration when looking for a ceiling fan.

Blade Pitch. The wider the blade is and the higher the angle, also known as pitch, the more air gets moved. 5 inches is a good width and higher-end fans have a blade pitch of 12 to 14 degrees.

Blade Finish. It is important that the factory has treated the blades with a moisture sealant to prevent wooden blades from deforming and peeling, and metal blades from scuffing and discoloring.

Motor Quality. Better fans come with motors that have sealed and lubricated ball bearings, which require little to no maintenance. More expensive models feature heavy-duty windings, precision engineering bearings, and die-cast housings, which vibrate less and look better.

Energy Star-Rated Fans. Energy Star-rated fans are 50% more efficient than conventional ones. To qualify, a fan must have a minimum airflow of 1,250 CFM on low speed and 5,000 CFM on high speed. They must come with a minimum 30-year motor warranty, as well as one-year component warranty and 2-year light kits warranty.

By using a ceiling fan, you help to distribute the air better and take the strain off of your air conditioning unit. Additionally, with proper maintenance of your air conditioner from A Star Air Conditioning, you are helping to lower your energy bill and improve air circulation in your home. Call A Star for all of your AC repair Fort Lauderdale needs, and for more energy-saving tips.