Indoor Air Quality in South Florida

You would think since we live in Florida and we are surrounded by the ocean and trees our air quality would be excellent. Although that is somehow true if you are outdoors, the majority of us spend our time indoors whether is at work or at home. We rarely open the windows to let fresh air in and if we do more humid air comes in. Our indoor environment is air-conditioned throughout the year. The Air Conditioning units constantly remove humidity and pollutants from the air. If the AC systems are not properly maintained mold, bacteria, algae etc can grow in the system seriously affecting the Indoor Air Quality. Poor air quality means bad odors, allergies, clogged drain lines and floods or even worse serious disease spread like Legionnaires.

Dirty AC Coil

If you changing you filter regularly and have an HVAC contractor maintain your unit at least once a year, you greatly reduce the risks of poor Indoor Air Quality. However as the systems get older and the homes get more air tight due to new windows and doors the indoor air gets more polluted.

Dirty Ductwork

Here some things you can do to improve the Indoor Air Quality in your home:
1. Buy a good quality air Filter and replace it regularly.
2. Install a UV light Air Purifier in your AC system
3. Install a fresh air duct if you have a large home and a hood exhausts in your kitchen.
4. Check the AC closets and ductwork for leaks and have a contractor seal them.
5. Have your ducts cleaned if you see dirt or black marks around the vents.

These are some steps that you can take to start. Only a qualified HVAC technician will be able to properly evaluate your system and indoor quality.

Contact us today to schedule and check up. Do it for your health!