What Are the Best Practices for Restaurant Ventilation?

Proper ventilation is crucial in a restaurant setting since there are multiple distinct areas. The kitchen and dining area have their own unique needs and challenges that need to be addressed when it comes to heating and cooling. Cooling and heating company A STAR Air Conditioning and Heating discusses some of the best practices for restaurant ventilation in this post.

HVAC in the Kitchen

Air Quality

Ventilation hoods must be installed over cooking appliances to catch the grease, smoke and particulates in the air. Check your local codes to ensure that you’re using the proper grade and size of ventilation hood for your equipment

Have Enough Makeup Air

It’s not enough that you have ventilation to keep the odors, fumes and smoke at bay. It’s equally important to have enough makeup air–which is fresh outside air–to replace the air being exhausted. 

A lack of makeup air can result in negative pressure in your building, which can make the room feel drafty. Slamming doors and poor air quality are also signs of negative pressure. The worst that could happen would be if the combustion gases that were supposed to be exhausted were to be sucked right back in–also known as backdrafting. This can pose a danger to your employees as well as your clients.

If your restaurant is in an airtight building, make sure to install an adequate air intake system to prevent negative pressure.


An overly hot kitchen can result in a decrease in the productivity of employees. Follow OSHA’s recommendation of setting thermostats between 68 – 76 degrees. 

Properly cooling your kitchen can also help you lower your utility bills. Remember that compressors on refrigerators and freezers have to work harder in a hot environment.

Put the kitchen in a separate zone with its own thermostat. Regularly check if there is a need for air conditioning repair.

The Dining Area

Air conditioning requirements in the dining area vary depending on the season of the year and whether or not the restaurant is full. To manage the temperature, have a separate thermostat for your dining area. For outdoor dining, make sure that the kitchen exhaust is directed away from the area. 

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