Protecting Your AC During A Hurricane

Protecting Your AC During A Hurricane
Keep your AC protected from fallen debris.

Hurricanes can be dangerous, especially in Florida. That is why it is particularly important to plan ahead and reduce the possibilities of injury and damage to your home and air conditioning unit in the event of a storm.

Hurricanes provide strong winds and excessive rain, which can cause a lot of damage in and around your home. Of course, bringing in the plants and patio chairs, turning over outdoor tables, and boarding up your windows where possible are the first things you do when a storm is on its way, but you must also remember to take care of your heating and cooling system.

After spending a lot of money having these systems installed and maintained, avoiding an unpleasant situation with the proper precautions can protect your investment. Top Fort Lauderdale AC repair companies, such as A Star Air Conditioning, can guide you through what your air conditioner needs to be safe through a storm.

Firstly, shut everything down if it looks like a power outage is inevitable. This reduces the chance of blowing out circuits and burning out the compressor when the electricity does return. Ensure you AC is properly covered from high winds, falling debris, and dangerous lightning.

Do not turn your unit back on immediately after a hurricane. Make sure to inspect the unit and surrounding area first, to confirm it is in proper working condition. Check for any damage from fallen debris and if you feel there is something preventing your unit from working properly, be sure to call a professional Fort Lauderdale air conditioning technician, like those at A Star Air Conditioning, before turning your unit back on.

Hurricanes can come along and destroy your entire comfort system. But with the right prevention and a little help from A Star, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your air conditioner during a storm.