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Cool Weather A Welcome Change for South Florida Residents

Reliable AC Repairs Across South Florida

Finally, cool weather has started to come to South Florida this autumn. Savvy consumers can save significant money on their electric bills by opening up their windows. If you have delayed AC repairs at your home or workplace, these cooler temperatures may buy you some time. However, cool weather does not stick around in South Florida for very long, and you may need AC repairs to keep you cool this fall and winter.

AC Repairs in Fort Lauderdale, and Other Broward Cities

Offering warrantied Broward air conditioning repairs across Broward County, in cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Hallandale, Miramar and Sunrise, A Star Air Conditioning has become a trusted provider of Broward residential air conditioning repairs and Broward commercial air conditioning repairs. This family-owned and operated business, located in Fort Lauderdale, has earned a great reputation by offering straightforward and reliable HVAC services for decades. Make A Star your first call anytime you need fast and dependable air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale services. Offering 24/7 emergency repairs, A Star helps customers stay cool and beat the South Florida heat. Call 1-800-454-0987 at any time, day or night, and the company’s air conditioning repair Broward technicians will make every effort to provide service at your location. The company’s experienced technicians repair all types of Fort Lauderdale air conditioning units, including Rheem, Carrier, Ruud, Trane, Goodman and more.

Don’t put off the home AC repair Broward work you need any longer than necessary. Go with a company that you can trust, like A Star Air Conditioning. This family-owned business wants to earn your respect. Call them at (954) 761-2600 for great AC repair Fort Lauderdale services throughout the city. Along with home AC repair Fort Lauderdale services, the business, performs work at commercial locations, such as retail stores, restaurants, medical facilities and more.

Fast and Warrantied AC Repairs Across Broward County

We Need AC Until the Weather Cools Down

For many Floridians, the fall and winter months represent the best time of year. For a short time, we get a break from the oppressive heat and humidity that tests our patience and forces us to rely upon air conditioning to remain comfortable. Many people will turn their ACs off during this time of year to enjoy the cooler weather. Of course, using less air conditioning also benefits consumers’ finances. The later start to cool weather may force some consumers to run their ACs longer than they would like to keep cool. For air conditioning repairs across Broward County, as well as in Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County, many consumers have relied upon A Star Air Conditioning, a family-owned and run air conditioning repair Broward business based in Fort Lauderdale.

Available for Repairs at All Times of the Day

This leading Fort Lauderdale air conditioning business offers warrantied repairs and installations for all of consumers’ HVAC needs. The company performs AC repairs across South Florida, including emergency repairs at all times of the day and night. The company performs Broward air conditioning repairs for both residential and commercial customers. Consumers can call 1-800-454-0987 at any time of the day for fast and effective emergency repair services. Along with AC repairs, the company also performs repairs on refrigeration systems and ventilation systems for commercial and residential customers.

Particularly in the summer months, many consumers and businesses do not want to go without air conditioning. A lack of AC affects people’s comfort levels and can also negatively impact their productivity. For quick air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale services in homes or workplaces, contact the AC repair Fort Lauderdale experts of A Star Air Conditioning.  Make A Star your first call whenever you need home AC repair Fort Lauderdale or home AC repair Broward services in cities like Coral Springs, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Plantation, Dania Beach, Miramar and Sunrise.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Old AC Unit?

A Star Offers Warrantied AC Repairs and AC Installations

In some cases, homeowners may face a difficult decision when their air conditioning units break down, especially in the cases of older units. Consumers in Broward County who require air conditioning repair Broward service may want to consider whether it makes more sense to repair an old unit that has stopped working or to replace the unit with a new – and likely much more efficient – model. Of course, consumers’ finances will factor greatly into the decision. However, many Fort Lauderdale air conditioning companies can help consumers offset the expense of a new unit by helping them qualify for rebates. Rebates from government sources, manufacturers and utility companies can make the cost of a new air conditioning unit significantly more affordable.

If your home or workplace requires AC repair Fort Lauderdale services, contact a leading air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale business such as A Star Air Conditioning. A Star performs AC repairs in commercial locations and also performs reliable and warrantied home AC repair Fort Lauderdale work. The company’s technicians will diagnose the problem and tell you what it would cost to fix the particular issue you face. The company can also provide you with a quote for replacing the unit.

Serving Residential and Commercial Customers Across Broward County

One of the more respected Broward air conditioning businesses, A Star Air Conditioning, a family-owned and -operated business, treats its customers as they would want to be treated. The business, a BBB-accredited business with decades of experience, provides quality and warrantied home AC repair Broward services throughout Broward County, including in Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Miramar, Davie, Dania Beach, Plantation, Sunrise and other municipalities.

Broward County’s Climate Practically Demands AC Usage

Hire A Dependable AC Repair Company

With an average temperature of 74 degrees, Broward County tends to get rather warm. The summertime average temperature of 84 degrees means that cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Dania Beach, Plantation, Pembroke Pines and Miramar get quite warm in the summer, and that temperature does not factor in humidity, meaning the heat index makes it down-right steamy. Most people do not want to go without air conditioning, either in their homes or their workplaces. When the AC goes out, Broward residents and Broward businesses have many options in terms of Broward AC repair companies. As in any industry, consumers will find quality air conditioning repair Broward companies and sub-par companies that may offer cheap rates, but will not warranty their work.

The best Broward air conditioning businesses provide both residential customers and commercial customers with fast repairs that last. A Star Air Conditioning, an experienced and trustworthy Fort Lauderdale air conditioning company, warranties all its repairs and installations, providing customers with peace of mind that they will not have to deal with the same problem repeatedly. The company performs home AC repair Broward services across the county, including in cities like Weston, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Davie, Miramar, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale.

Discounts on Broward AC Repair Services

Check A Star’s website for specials and discounts on AC repair Fort Lauderdale services, AC repair Hollywood services, AC repair Pembroke Pines services and AC repair Miramar services.  The company offers emergency repair services at any time of day. Don’t suffer without AC. Let A Star keep you comfortable and cool.

Watch Out for AC Repair Scams This Summer

In the dog days of summer, when temperatures reach into the 90s in South Florida, and the heat index frequently exceeds 100°, people rely on their air conditioners more than ever. Unfortunately, according to the Better Business Bureau, as the mercury rises on thermometers, so does the number of AC repair scams. Unscrupulous people may try to take advantage of people’s desperation for AC relief when their air conditioners break by claiming they can fix them. According to reports, AC scammers strike most often in July and . In the event that your Fort Lauderdale air conditioning unit or Broward air conditioning unit breaks down and requires repairs, you should call upon only experienced and reputable home AC repair Fort Lauderdale companies. Before shelling out big bucks for expensive air conditioning repairs, get written estimates from multiple companies, and check these companies out online. Also find out if the company warranties its work.

Performing some background research online about AC repair Fort Lauderdale companies can help you avoid making a costly mistake. Search terms such as “air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale” and “air conditioning repair Broward” to find websites of companies in the area that offer this service. The websites of some home AC repair Broward businesses inform visitors about their accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, and offer information about warranties and written estimates. BBB-accredited companies tend to stand behind their work, engage in honest business practices, make a good-faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints and treat customers in an ethical manner.

Be Prepared for AC Repair Emergencies in the Summertime

Summertime and AC Repairs

Be Prepared for AC Repair Emergencies in the Summertime

Call a reliable Fort Lauderdale AC repair company when your AC goes down in the summertime so that you do not have to suffer too long.

Of all the times of the year that someone’s AC could break down, this time of year, the dog days of summer, would have to be the worst. Outside temperatures routinely hit 90° in South Florida, and with humidity, it often feels hotter than 100°. Unfortunately however, as luck would have it, people’s heavy use of air conditioning in the summertime often leads to AC breakdowns. If you or your business faces this unfortunate scenario, you want to call a reliable air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale company to get that cool air flowing again as soon as possible. A lack of air conditioning at this time can lead to sleepless nights at home. If your place of business has no air conditioning, it can lead to reduced productivity for employees and the loss of business from customers.

To prevent problems with your air conditioning, AC repair experts recommend that you perform regular maintenance on your AC unit, such as regularly changing the air filter. You may also want to have an AC repair Fort Lauderdale business perform maintenance and inspections on the unit. Call Fort Lauderdale air conditioning companies to find out what they charge for such maintenance.

Find A Quality Company Beforehand

It also helps to have honest, trustworthy and reliable air conditioning repair Broward companies on standby in case you run into a situation in which you need emergency repairs. To locate such companies, you may want to search online. Read reviews about home AC repair Fort Lauderdale and home AC repair Broward companies to learn about other customers’ experiences with them. That way, you’ll know where to turn if you need an AC repair Fort Lauderdale service call.

Find a Leading Air Conditioning Repair Fort Lauderdale Company Online

We have just about reached that time of year in South Florida when people and businesses rely upon their air conditioning units to keep them comfortable. However, for people whose ACs do not work well or at all, the dawn of spring brings anxiety.  Many worry about getting their AC’s fixed, because they have heard stories about shady Fort Lauderdale AC repair companies. If you want honest, straight-forward air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale services, contact a reputable company that has a solid reputation.

Many Broward air conditioning companies offer services to customers in Broward cities like Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, as well as consumers in Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County. Online searches can help you locate air conditioning repair Broward companies, and research them.  If you want to find Fort Lauderdale air conditioning businesses, try searching in search engines like Bing and Google for terms such as “home AC repair Fort Lauderdale,” “AC repair Fort Lauderdale” and “home AC repair Broward.”

Businesses and consumers do not have to suffer through the heat just because their AC has stopped working. Search on the internet with your home computer, office computer, smartphone or tablet for AC repair companies in your area. Some companies even offer AC repair services in Fort Lauderdale at all hours of the day. If your AC stops working overnight or during a holiday weekend, you can contact these businesses, and they will send a technician out to your home or workplace to get the AC working again.

Get Your Broward AC Repaired Before It Gets Hot Again

The break from the heat that we’ve enjoyed here in South Florida over the last several months will end soon. In no time, the temperature outside will dictate that people use their air conditioning to make the temperature inside their homes and offices comfortable. While you have had the luxury of not needing your Fort Lauderdale air conditioning in recent months, and may have put off getting it repaired, you should act now to get the necessary repairs performed before it gets hot again. Whether you need air conditioning repair services in Fort Lauderdale for your home or office, the internet can help you find a quality contractor to perform the work. Try searching for “AC repair Fort Lauderdale” in a search engine, or perhaps you can search for “home AC repair Fort Lauderdale” to further narrow down the results.

Internet search engines can help you find a Broward air conditioning company, and research the companies that you find. Look up terms such as “air conditioning repair Fort Lauderdale” or “air conditioning repair Broward” to locate an AC repair company in your area that can solve your AC problems. You may also want to search for “home AC repair Broward.”

A Star Air Conditioning has a reputation for fast, honest and reliable service. This Broward AC repair company knows your time is valuable, and makes every effort to keep appointments and perform its work expediently. Because the company warranties all of its repairs for a year, consumers can know that the company stands behind its work.

Lengthen the Life of Your Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning Unit with Proper Maintenance

By maintaining your Fort Lauderdale air conditioning unit correctly, you will lengthen its productivity and keep it working for as long as possible. Optimizing the efficiency of your air conditioner can extend the life of your unit and lower energy bills.

The best way to lengthen the life of your air conditioner is by keeping it clean. Turn your unit off and remove any debris that may be inside or around your condenser. Use a garden hose or broom to remove leaves, dirt, and weeds.

You also want to make sure your unit is safe outside. Shielding it with an awning or overhead sun protector will reduce the possibility of it becoming overheated. This helps to lower maximum output and avoids strain on your unit.

It is of utmost importance that you change your filter regularly. Depending on how often your unit is running, this may be done every month or 2 months. By keeping the unit clean you are allowing easier airflow and better efficiency.

Lengthen the Life of Your Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning Unit with Proper Maintenance

Keeping your Fort Lauderdale AC unit clean and well-maintained can help it last longer.

Another way to extend your AC’s life is to give it a break. Turn your unit off when you go out of town or to work. Set a timer so that it kicks in right before you are scheduled to be back, so that your house is not scorching when you arrive.

Inspections and tune-ups are the best way to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. AC repair in Broward is easy with the top technicians in the industry at your service. These technicians will identify and prevent small problems from becoming bigger problems. This service and inspection is essential to preserving your AC unit’s life, and avoiding expensive repairs.

Finally, install a thermostat. This is the easiest way to extend the life of your air conditioner. Set your system at a higher temperature when you are away or it is less humid. Doing so will take strain off of your unit. Additionally, putting the fan on “Auto” will provide consistently cool temperatures, without the unit running constantly.

If you require AC repair Fort Lauderdale services, contact the experienced professionals at A Star Air Conditioning.



Preparing Your Home AC for Tropical Events Like Hurricanes

Preparing Your Home AC for Tropical Events Like Hurricanes

When a tropical storm bears down on Florida, homeowners can protect their homes and home AC units with some precautions.

Hurricanes can be dangerous, especially in Florida. That is why it is particularly important to plan ahead and reduce the possibilities of injury and damage to your home and air conditioning unit in the event of a storm.

Hurricanes provide strong winds and excessive rain, which can cause a lot of damage in and around your home. Of course, bringing in the plants and patio chairs, turning over outdoor tables, and boarding up your windows where possible are the first things you do when a storm is on its way, but you must also remember to take care of your heating and cooling system.

After spending a lot of money having these systems installed and maintained, avoiding an unpleasant situation with the proper precautions can protect your investment. Top Fort Lauderdale AC repair companies, such as A Star Air Conditioning, can guide you through what your air conditioner needs to be safe through a storm.

Firstly, shut everything down if it looks like a power outage is inevitable. This reduces the chance of blowing out circuits and burning out the compressor when the electricity does return. Ensure your AC is properly covered from high winds, falling debris, and dangerous lightning.

Do not turn your unit back on immediately after a hurricane. Make sure to inspect the unit and surrounding area first, to confirm it is in proper working condition. Check for any damage from fallen debris and if you feel there is something preventing your unit from working properly, be sure to call a professional Fort Lauderdale air conditioning technician before turning your unit back on. A Star specializes in AC repair Fort Lauderdale services, but has earned a great reputation for timely home AC repair Fort Lauderdale work after hurricanes and tropical storms.

Hurricanes can come along and destroy your entire comfort system. But with the right prevention and a little help from A Star, you no longer have to worry about the safety of your air conditioner during a storm.