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Lengthen the Life of Your Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning Unit with Proper Maintenance

By maintaining your Fort Lauderdale air conditioning unit correctly, you will lengthen its productivity and keep it working for as long as possible. Optimizing the efficiency of your air conditioner can extend the life of your unit and lower energy bills.

The best way to lengthen the life of your air conditioner is by keeping it clean. Turn your unit off and remove any debris that may be inside or around your condenser. Use a garden hose or broom to remove leaves, dirt, and weeds.

You also want to make sure your unit is safe outside. Shielding it with an awning or overhead sun protector will reduce the possibility of it becoming overheated. This helps to lower maximum output and avoids strain on your unit.

It is of utmost importance that you change your filter regularly. Depending on how often your unit is running, this may be done every month or 2 months. By keeping the unit clean you are allowing easier airflow and better efficiency.

Lengthen the Life of Your Fort Lauderdale Air Conditioning Unit with Proper Maintenance

Keeping your Fort Lauderdale AC unit clean and well-maintained can help it last longer.

Another way to extend your AC’s life is to give it a break. Turn your unit off when you go out of town or to work. Set a timer so that it kicks in right before you are scheduled to be back, so that your house is not scorching when you arrive.

Inspections and tune-ups are the best way to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. AC repair in Broward is easy with the top technicians in the industry at your service. These technicians will identify and prevent small problems from becoming bigger problems. This service and inspection is essential to preserving your AC unit’s life, and avoiding expensive repairs.

Finally, install a thermostat. This is the easiest way to extend the life of your air conditioner. Set your system at a higher temperature when you are away or it is less humid. Doing so will take strain off of your unit. Additionally, putting the fan on “Auto” will provide consistently cool temperatures, without the unit running constantly.

If you require AC repair Fort Lauderdale services, contact the experienced professionals at A Star Air Conditioning.



Air Conditioning Service a Necessity in South Florida

Air Conditioning Service a Necessity in South Florida

Warm temperatures throughout the year makes air conditioning a necessity in South Florida.

In South Florida, the warm climate can be an attraction for residents and the thousands of visitors to the region each year. That same warm climate can be a problem without the luxury of a property working air conditioning system.

When an air conditioning system breaks down the home, it can create discomfort because of the heat. For businesses, the discomfort can come from the lack of customers. Many tourists visit local businesses as an escape from the heat, and residents expect a comfortable place to shop and do business.

When a system goes down, that can have a significant impact on sales.

After a unit breaks, it can often be too late to begin the search for “commercial AC repair Fort Lauderdale.” Many of the best service companies can provide routine maintenance to uncover problems before they become an issue.

By checking duct work, fittings, electrical connections and the machinery inside a unit, qualified experts can give South Florida business owners the peace of mind with a well maintained unit. Businesses that search online for “AC repair Broward” will find several companies, but few can work with all different types of units that serve even large buildings.

There are several tips to choosing the right companies after a search for “air conditioning Fort Lauderdale.” First, make sure that the company you might be considering offers 24-hour service when necessary. There is no way to predict when an air conditioning system might fail, and getting service when you need it is important.

Second, make sure that the technician knows about your type of system. Large units that serve businesses around South Florida are different that residential units. Find a company that can meet your needs.

Finally, make sure that a company can offer routine maintenance to the system. The best way to keep a system running well and keeping customers cool is by making sure the system is running the way it should run. A great running system will also be a more efficient system, cutting energy costs.

Choose a company with these ideas in mind and business owners can be assured that they will be ready to handle the South Florida heat.

Commercial Air Conditioning in the Winter

Keep everyone satisfied with the perfect office temperature

Finally the high temperatures of the summer are now moving into the cooler temperatures of the winter. Florida winters are not exactly as intense as those in the north. Even so, temperatures can drop significantly. And you should prepare your office HVAC system for the cooler weather.

First, schedule a tune-up for your air conditioner and heat pump. A regular maintenance check can ensure that your heating system is running properly. When your heating system is running at top efficient you can keep your office at a more even heat. This makes the room a more comfortable environment for your staff.

Purchase a backup generator for extreme weather. As the climate changes from summer to fall there can be stormy weather and severe thunderstorms. It is a good idea to purchase a generator for this type of weather. Generators are a great investment for your office and production safety.

Finally, have your ductwork checked for leaks. Leaky ducts can cost you a lot of money in wasted energy. Faulty ductwork also puts an extra strain on your heating system. Have your ductwork checked for leaks and damage before the winter season begins.

A Star Air Conditioning provides certified air conditioning technicians to service all makes and models of AC units. Fort Lauderdale air conditioning experts are quick and efficient when repairing residential, commercial and industrial AC systems. Expertly trained AC technicians have the knowledge and diagnostic tools to keep your unit running flawlessly.

Different people enjoy different temperatures when indoors and cold weather can slow down production in your office. Fortunately, A Star offers fast, reliable response and stands behind their guarantee for quality AC repair in Broward. You will easily enjoy the indoor comfort of your place of business during the upcoming winter climates.

Keep every one satisfied this winter and schedule a tune-up for your air conditioning unit with A Star.

Air Purifiers In Your Home

Choose an air purifier that is accurately sized for your home

Asthma and allergy symptoms can be difficult to live with. If you do live with them, you may be looking for a new way to improve your indoor air quality. Although, having clean air in your home is not as simple as it may seem. There are many items that can actually add to dirty air, even when you are cleaning.

Cooking odors, cigarette smoke, and even household cleaning odors can float around undetected in the air. Pet dander, mold and bacteria, as well as outdoor pollutants entering from vents, windows and doors tend to hide in isolated spaces. These elements make it difficult for you to keep your home air clean and your allergies away.

Many people use air-purification systems to get rid of household pollutants. In fact, physicians actually recommend air-purification systems for easier breathing at home. These systems are designed to trap small, breathable particles including dust, dirt, pollen, and allergens. It also works to catch bacteria, viruses, airborne mold spores, fungi, chemical vapors and various household odors.

Air purifiers significantly reduce the amount of mold and bacteria in your air. You will notice almost immediately how much better you feel when your air purifier has been running continuously. These machines are successful in getting rid of up to 99.97 percent of those harmful particles. Although, the type of purifier you purchase and what kind of filters it has makes the difference in how effective it is.

There are many types of air-purification systems on the market. You should look for the one that eliminates that largest amount of particles from the air. Not to mention, you want one that is made by a reliable manufacturer and is accurately sized for your home.

You also want to consider the system’s operating cost and user friendliness, as well as noise reduction. Choose a system that is designed to remove the impurities that you consider most important. Request a long-term, comprehensive warranty, and look for an Energy Star-qualified system. These qualifications ensure that you are getting the best system for your household needs.

Having trouble picking out a system? Call the indoor-air-quality and Fort Lauderdale air conditioning experts at A Star Air Conditioning. Your goals for cleaner indoor air quality will be thoroughly evaluated. And the most efficient air-purification system will be selected for your particular needs.

Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner

Check your AC for minor repairs before deciding to replace it

When your air conditioner starts to fail, you may need to decide whether to repair it or replace it. Depending on the depth of repair your unit may need, replacing it may be a more efficient option. Although, replacing your old air conditioning unit can cost a pretty penny.

If your air conditioning unit has stopped functioning properly or is not cooling efficiently, it may be for a number of reasons. Check filters, ventilation, electricity bills, and the age of the machine before deciding on which action to take.

Prevention: Put off buying a brand new unit until it is completely necessary.  Take preventative maintenance steps to ensure your AC unit’s longevity and efficiency. Changing the filters regularly is extremely important. Filters provide quality airflow and can restrict it if left dirty for too long.

Ventilation: Keep your outdoor unit clean of debris, dust and waste. If the air conditioner is not cooling, there may be something blocking the airflow. Easily adjusting or eliminating the obstruction may be all you need to cool your house again.

High Bills: If your electricity bill all of a sudden skyrockets, this might be an indication that something is extremely wrong. A repair may help, but if the unit is quite old it may be smarter to purchase a more efficient model.

Age of the Cooler: Out-of-date equipment does not do its job efficiently. If your unit is old, noisy and rusty, it may be time to switch to a newer, energy-efficient model.

AC units tend to work overboard during the hotter months. When your AC is old and worn down, it could fail you when you most desperately need it. When this happens it is vital that you call the Fort Lauderdale air conditioning experts at A Star Air Conditioning. They will give your unit a complete inspection, helping you decide which alternative is best for your home.

AC repair in Broward is quick and easy. A Star understands your concerns for wanting quality air and efficient cooling. Whether your unit needs a simple repair or an entire replacement, they will provide you with top-of-the-line service and quality air.